Booze Clues Easy Pub Crawl: This quest takes you into 10 local pubs and restaurants for a fun night out!  It is part Amazing Race, part Pub Crawl, and part treasure hunt. This game asks hunters to solve riddles and clues that will lead them to bars around town. Once inside, they will have to decipher another clue to find something inside of the establishment, and they will then have to answer a question about it. Participants rack up points for correct answers, as well as bonus points for taking photos along the way in different poses or enjoying drinks.

Booze Clues Challenging Pub Crawl: This experience will give you more of a mental workout, but still allows you to relax and enjoy a night out crawling to pubs with your friends. This game requires hunters to solve more complex ciphers, cryptograms, and puzzles in order to determine their destinations, and then will follow the same format as the Easy Hunt once inside.

Mount Dora Explorer Photo Hunt: For those who want to get to know more about the history and sights of Mount Dora, the Mount Dora Explorer Photo Hunt will allow them to do just that. This hunt follows the same format as the Booze Clues Pub Crawl, but takes place outdoors through the Historic District.

The Eye Spy Mount Dora Photo Hunt: a fast-paced timed hunt that asks hunters to find a list of random items at local businesses. They are given the list of items to find, their possible locations, and set off on a race against time. The fastest team to find all of the items and take pictures with them every month gets a fun prize!

Corporate Events: If you are looking for a great team-building activity for your group, look no further! Bring your team on a fun, exciting scavenger hunt through Historic Downtown Mt Dora! Solve clues and riddles together as you navigate your way through the beautiful sites and wonderful local businesses this town has to offer. Choose between any of our available hunts. Scheduling for groups is flexible. The price to participate is $10 per person, with a group discount of 20% for groups of 15 or more. Compete as a large group, or break up into smaller groups and hunt head-to-head! Contact us to book your corporate event!

Specialty Hunts:Perfect for proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or any other special occasion, we will design a custom hunt for someone special. We will include personalized information within our clues about your loved one to truly make him or her feel appreciated and loved. We guarantee a unique experience for each specialty hunt. Contact us for pricing and more information. 

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